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Bee Sober Ambassadors

If you would love to connect with like-minded sober people, join one of our Bee Sober Ambassador-led groups.  There are groups across the UK and beyond, and new ones are popping up all the time!

Bee Sober Ambassador groups are all about connection, meeting new people, supporting one another, and having fun. Browse through our Ambassadors today and get in touch.

If you're confident in your sobriety and feel ready to lead a sober social group in your area, then why not become a Bee Sober Ambassador  yourself and represent our amazing brand.


Katie Walker

Ambassador: Katie Walker

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Birmingham and the Black Country

Shaena Jasmat

Ambassador: Shaena Jasmat

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Laura Henry

Ambassador: Laura Henry

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Irene Wignall

Ambassador: Irene Wignall

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Phil Gorman

Ambassador: Phil Gorman

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Claire Hatwell

Ambassador: Claire Hatwell

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Hannah Lander

Ambassador: Hannah Lander

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Ciara Harris

Ambassador: Ciara Harris

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Liverpool & Wirral

Katherine White

Ambassador: Katherine White

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Tom Davies

Ambassador: Tom Davies

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Alex Herod

Ambassador: Alex Herod

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Men's Ambassador

Oliver Hunter

Ambassador: Oliver Hunter

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North East

Paula Kennington

Ambassador: Paula Kennington

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Declan Baker

Ambassador: Declan Baker

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Lauren Kendall

Ambassador: Lauren Kendall

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Judy Cook

Ambassador: Judy Cook

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Sheffield & Rotherham

Barbara Williams

Ambassador: Barbara Williams

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Belinda Zakiewicz

Ambassador: Belinda Zakiewicz

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Gail Winstanley

Ambassador: Gail Winstanley

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West Didsbury

Maria Murphy

Ambassador: Maria Murphy

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West Midlands

Gaynor Welsh

Ambassador: Gaynor Welsh

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