Katherine WhiteBee Sober Ambassador

Katherine White

Liverpool, Wirral and Online

Hi. My names Kath and I’m an ambassador for Bee Sober Liverpool and Wirral.
I’ve been sober for 3 years 5 months now. I stopped drinking because I was basically ruining my life with alcohol - I used it to get through any situation in my life - sad, happy, celebrations, loss, you name it I had a drink to get through it. 
I had my last drink on June 30th, 2018 - to me this was my rock bottom. 
This time I was actually really lucky that my younger sister intervened. She said to me straight “Kath you cannot drink anymore!”. Her words hit me hard. I knew she was right because I’d been thinking about it for years. I’d tried moderating - that was torture to me. It was making me depressed and so very anxious. I was forever trying to feel less like me and to fit in more with a world I just did not feel I belonged to. 

I was diagnosed with ADHD May this year 2020, at the age of 43. It is something I had been looking into for a while, something I thought I had had for a long long time. 
Due to worrying about the stigma associated with mental health conditions etc I did not go down the route of diagnosis til I was 41. Sobriety definitely helped me find the strength to find out what I needed support with and how to get it. I was no longer blocking out a huge part of me. 

A big part of the reason I became a Bee Sober ambassador, was due to the massive support I received through joining myself.

When I was a year into my sober journey, I had finally made some amazing sober friends, but unfortunately due to our location, we just couldn’t meet up as much as I’d hoped to. I really craved that connection with others who just got it. 

So in July 2019, the amazing Bee Sober literally changed my sober journey, I braved it and reached out to the Bee Sober group, who then became my tribe (don’t hear that word as much now, but it’s true).
I would go to Manchester for days out, brunch, meals, sober raves and the Happy Place (my favourite). It was fantastic! 
I became an ambassador in August 2020. I really wanted others to have the same chance I had! Connection is most definitely the opposite of addiction!

Welcome to the tribe. Here if you need help, advice or just a point in the right direction.
Love Kath xx