Fiona TowleBee Sober Ambassador

Fiona Towle

South Manchester

I dread to think how many years I was controlled by that toxic substance called alcohol. In my late teens and twenties, I liked to party and would drink but not excessively. In my thirties it began to really get its evil claws in to me and by my late thirties, it completely had me under its spell. I was hooked on the relaxed state that it sent me into. From my early forties onwards, I would wake up and every day and say ... 'this is my day 1' ... I failed miserably EVERY DAY! I knew I was wrecking my life, my body and I knew I wasn't 'present' for my family.

Eventually I heard about Bee Sober and went to my first Bee Sober Brunch in Manchester on 29th April 2022 ... finally I got my DAY 1 ... and every day since.

Being part of this wonderful community has taught me how to embrace a sober lifestyle with like-minded people. We have so much fun and laughter wether it is via a zoom link in a meeting or in Bee Fit, or in-person at one of the many brunches, picnics, walks, cold water dips, camping trips or any of the other numerous rewarding events that are held in the UK throughout the year.

The support is phenomenal from everyone within the group ... it is a buzzingly brilliant place to be.

Bee Sober has given me so much. It is difficult to put in to words how incredible this community is!

Being part of this community is so special and I am incredibly proud to now be an ambassador for them.