Anita OlsonBee Sober Ambassador

Anita Olson


Hi I’m Anita, I live in Bedfordshire with my hubby and two dogs. Like many others I have been drinking alcohol for most of my adult life.

I believed that alcohol was giving me fun and confidence.  Alcohol was required at birthdays, Christmas, funerals or any event - celebrating and commiserating  - basically any reason that I could think of. 

Then as I became older and possibly wiser [maybe not wiser] I questioned whether alcohol was helping me.  I started to explore my relationship with alcohol and realised that rather than giving, alcohol was taking my time, my health and my money.  So, I no longer drink alcohol, this has been a journey of discovery and a revelation.  I thank bee sober for a great contribution towards this. This is why I want to be an ambassador and look forward to meeting up with fellow bees so we can get on with living life to the full. X