Anita OlsonBee Sober Ambassador

Anita Olson

Region: Bedfordshire

Hi I’m Anita, I live in Bedfordshire with my hubby, grown up children and two dogs. I have been drinking alcohol for much of my adult life and no I have not lost my house, my job nor have children have been hauled off by social services!

I am like many others, I work, take care of my home and those around me. I used to drink which I did all by myself or did I? Well I did drink the wine! Saying that as a society alcohol is all around us, go on, try and a buy birthday card or go on social media and I bet you see, mummy juice, wine o’clock and apparently a banana has more calories than gin and tonic, acid probably has as well!

I believed that alcohol was giving me fun and confidence, to names but a few of it’s alleged attributes. Alcohol was required at birthday, Christmas, funerals, celebrating and commiserating basically any reason we can think of. Then as I became older and possible wiser [maybe not wiser], I questioned whether alcohol was all it was cracked out to be! I started to explore my relationship with alcohol and rather than giving, it was taking and taking, my time, my health my money and my joy. Don’t let me get into the science unless you need a sleeping remedy.

So, I no longer drink and it’s been a journey of discovery, a major revelation is how connection is key, to not drinking and bringing joy to my life, I thank bee sober for a great contribution to this. This is why I want to be an ambassador and look forward meeting up with fellow bees so we can get on with living life to the full. X