Tracyann LittleBee Sober Ambassador

Tracyann Little

Region: London

Hi, I'm the Bee Sober ambassador for London. I live in South East London with my partner and 2 boys and I ditched the booze since October 2020 and never felt better.

Since becoming a member of Bee Sober, sobriety has become more than just not drinking to me. This community taught me that it is a positive life choice and should be celebrated. Not drinking is just the beginning of the new world of opportunities that sobriety brings. I am passionate about removing the stigma around being sober. There is a positive movement towards living an alcohol free... or a 'free from alcohol' lifestyle and I want to be part of that change, help grow the sober community and support people in finding their 'hive' .

Connection is key on the journey and I'm looking forward to meeting more sober legends.... so if you would like to meet like minded people and be part of this growing community, come along to an in-person meet up and I will be there to welcome you.