Tracyann LittleBee Sober Ambassador

Tracyann Little


Like most people of a similar age to me, I started drinking in my early teens, then spend my 20's heavy drinking and partying. My 30's were spend in the Mummy Wine culture! Without realizing it, I had become dependent on a glass of wine to relax, celebrate, commiserate, in fact for every occasion or emotion. But this easy crutch does come for free and the payback is the hangover and anxiety. I decided alcohol was taking more than it was giving and so began a my journey to sobriety. Like most it took several attempts before my new lifestyle stuck and at times it was lonely as I didn't know anybody else that wanted to lead a dry lifestyle. Everything changed when I found Bee Sober. Not only did this community change my sobriety journey, it has changed my life. I made new friends, been to sober comedy clubs, picnics, hiked the Surrey 3 peaks and went camping at Bee Wild. Connection is everything and Bee Sober provides a place for you to meet, find like-minded people and create a sober lifestyle that you will truly love! This is why I am passionate about being a London Ambassador and being part of a community that provides a supportive environment and a space for friendships to form

So Bee brave and come and join me at a London event, I can wait to meet you.