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Bee Sober is a service for individuals, workplaces, education and rehabilitation centres.  We offer tailored, interactive presentations for organisations about the impact of alcohol on health and wellbeing.  Everybody receives access to our 30-day supported experiment.

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The 30-day supported experiment will help to reset your mindset and relationship with alcohol.  With daily activities designed to help you see the positives of not drinking and help you see the truth around the alcohol myths.  The Sober Experiment is not like any other sober challenge.  At the end of the month you won’t be rushing for a celebratory alcoholic drink.  In fact, many people that have taken on the Sober Experiment are still choosing not to drink weeks/months/years later.  Even if you don’t intend quitting alcohol for good and just want a reset, 30 days off has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, improve physical and mental health and change future drinking habits.  You will soon be free from the negativity that alcohol brings to your life.

Our 30-day Sober Experiment® is now free for everyone (RRP £49.99).  The Bee Sober Facebook Support Group is free to join.  We regularly drop in for a live chat and are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.  The podcast is funded by Alex and Lisa and is completely free to download, we also have a YouTube channel with lots of helpful videos.

You should receive a thank you email as part of the application process. After completing your application form you will have been directed to the payment page.  If you have missed this and did not complete the payment please email us at and we will send you the link.  If you did complete this process and have still not received an email please check your junk after 60 minutes.  For any other questions please email us.

Your data is treated in line with GDPR regulations (see our Privacy Policy).  Although our Facebook group is private and everyone must agree to the rules before joining, some people choose to use an alias account to protect their anonymity further.  In the member's only Facebook group, you have the option to post anonymously,

Yes we do, please see our coaching page here

Of course.  This is our favourite thing to do.  We are happy to do panel chats, group workshops and public speaking.  Please email us at  to discuss this further.

We would love to publish your story.  If you would like to appear on our blog page or podcast, please email us at  with the title My Story – by sharing your story with us you will be giving Bee Sober permission to use your story, pictures or video on the Bee Sober and social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) and in emails to our members.

Periodically, we offer discounts on our products.  We also offer a discount for multiple presentations booked.  Member's also receive discounts in or shop.  Please email us for more details  

As a CIC we rely on our membership as an income to fund our community work.  As much as we would love to offer everything for free, our membership is amazing and we do have costs to cover.  

We do not offer refunds for our membership as once you have signed up you will have access to all of our links and resources and this can not be reversed.  Please see our terms and conditions for more information on refunds.