Helen JordanBee Sober Ambassador

Helen Jordan


My name is Helen and I have been a member of BeeSober for over a year.

Until I joined I had been struggling to become sober for around 30 years. Alcohol had become an addiction and compulsion in my life. Although I felt successful in other areas of my life this seemed to be an issue I could not overcome. I was a single mum to a daughter who I had when I just turned 20. Wanting a better life for us both I studied for a psychology degree at the Open Uni (I called a uni for info and was told 'I couldn't afford the beer' so remote learning was my only option). It took me 6 years to get my degree while I worked as a bank teller (horrible job, horrible bosses).

During this time I also worked voluntarily as an essential skills teacher to gain experience and after working as a support worker I secured my current job as a college lecturer teaching adults with ASN. During this time I set up a charity teaching adults with ASN drama. This was a real challenge but has been running for 11 years now and has 5 classes throughout the local area..

After 4 years of running this I handed over the reins to my daughter to focus on studying a PGCert in autism. I followed this up with a teaching qualification in further education and a PGCert in ADHD. I now train staff and companies on neurodiversity while continuing to lecture. Through my studies I discovered I have ADHD myself (as does my son and my daughter is autistic). I am almost near completion of my lengthy diagnosis with the NHS.

Since getting sober I have discovered a love for wild swimming and cold water therapy. I also love to read, meditate, meet up with sober friends, eat and sleep (canny beat a sober sleep!)