About UsA little about Bee Sober

Who are we?

Meet Alex and Lisa founders of Bee Sober CIC. We are two women from Northern England, starting a new revolution and on a mission to remove stigmas associated with binning the booze and showing everyone the huge benefits sobriety brings. The two of us have very different stories about how and why we gave up drinking so between us there’s always someone you can relate to. 



Alex is co-founder of The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober, is a mum of three and an accredited training provider focusing on alcohol recovery.

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Lisa a mum of three is a director of the IPHM, an international accreditation board for Holistic Complementary Alternative Therapists and Training Providers.

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Our Purpose

Bee Sober is a wellbeing company with a difference. Alex and Lisa work with organisations (and individuals) to transform the mindset, health and wellbeing of their people, through challenging beliefs around alcohol and removing the stigma attached to living a positive and inclusive alcohol-free lifestyle. Through our interactive presentations we will help you to create a successful, purposeful, productive and healthy organisation.

Raising Awareness

We are proactive and want to raise awareness as a preventative measure by promoting physical health, mental health and well-being.


We help to give people new coping mechanisms so they don’t feel the need to self-medicate and show them how fulfilling life can be without alcohol.


We challenge beliefs around alcohol and we are passionate about removing the stigma attached to sobriety and alcoholism. We arm you with the facts so you can make informed and educated choices surrounding alcohol.


We also provide a safe space to support everyone who chooses not to drink alcohol (either for social, religious, cultural or personal reasons) for people to be a part of and to talk openly and honestly without the fear of being labelled or judged.

Bee Sober - An award winning, non-profit community organisation with a difference.