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Bee'come a Bee Sober Member!We’re that friend you can cry with one minute - and you’ll be snort-laughing with us the next. You can be always be real with us - without any judgement. We’ll make you feel calm, secure and like you love who you are. We really get what it’s like to be asked ‘why aren’t you drinking?!’ and to be told not to be ‘a stick in the mud’. We’ve all been there. You’ll be happy to know - there’s none of that silly bollocks here. We do us, the way we want to. Without life’s pressures. And my god we make it SO MUCH FUN.

For those moments when life gets weird or hard we’ll put our arm around you and help you through. We don’t shy away from an ugly cry. But we also know when to let you get up on your own feet. You’ve got what it takes to figure stuff out for yourself. But you can do it safe in the knowledge that if things go tits up, we’ll be there if you need help picking up the pieces. You’ve always got a community with us. We know how bloody wonderful you are. We appreciate you and we will always respect your choices.

We love everything weird and wonderful about you, and we’ll always be there, standing right next to you, cheering you every step of the way. Now, let’s go have some proper fun!

Bee Brave, Bee Kind, Bee Sober! 

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Becoming a valuable Bee Sober member is not just about what you get, but what you give.  As a CIC, Bee Sober is a non-profit making organisation which will re-invest any surplus income into recovery provision.

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Bee'come a Bee Sober Member!You actually know what you want from life. To have buckets of fun, obviously. But also to enjoy life as you want to enjoy it. So many people think they need to have a drink to enjoy life. Drinks on a Wednesday. Drinks on a Friday. Drinks Saturday. But when it comes to you, you’re just so much more than that. And we’re absolutely gonna help you be more than that.

We’re gonna help you discover exactly what you love doing. Explore just what makes you tick. Basically help you be who you want to be and more. All without the need for a glass of wine or a pint in your hand. And while we do that together, we’ve got some friends we’d love to introduce you to. They’re just like you and, my god, we know you lot are gonna hit it off. Honestly, we are gonna have an absolute ball together. It’s gonna be such a laugh. And you’re gonna feel so supported too. Trust us. So come on, grab your coat and let’s go.

Everyone’s dying to meet you.

Bee Brave, Bee Kind, Bee Sober! 

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We know from experience there's a better way to well-being than the text books tell us.  Cutting out the alcohol is only the starting point to changing your entire lifestyle for the better.

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The Sober Experiment has been a vital part of beginning and sustaining my sobriety. I started the Experiment over Christmas, a period where normally I would be drinking a lot and now I’m six months in and absolutely loving it. The brilliant tips and the regular videos gave me clear strategies and thought processes for staying strong and positive about my choice. I am hugely thankful to Alex and Lisa for the continuing support, which is so personalised and generous, celebrating with me when I reach my goals and building me back up me when it’s tough going. It’s like having my own personal cheer leading squad!


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