About Alex

Alex is a full-time personal trainer, co-founder of Bee Sober and co-presenter of The Sober Experiment podcast.  She is also a mum of three children.  Alex has a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences, a PGCE and is afully qualified, accredited and experienced personal trainer specialising in women's fitness.

Alex’s early years were spent growing up in pubs.  Her Dad was also a musician in the entertainment industry, so alcohol was a huge part of family life.  Unfortunately, it took its toll on Alex’s Father, who after being sober for 10 years, passed away from alcohol-related illness at only 63 years old.  Alex now realises, she used her Dad’s drinking as her benchmark for her own drinking behaviours and felt safe in the knowledge that she was a weekend drinker and therefore normal and in no way dependent on alcohol, but after suffering a devastating miscarriage in October 2018, plummeting into depression and anxiety, her drinking changed and she realised she had started to depend on alcohol to cope with her emotions and mental health.  After almost 12 months of internal dialogue and questioning her drinking, along with the fact that her lifelong best friend and co-founder of Bee Sober Lisa had decided to go sober, she decided to take a break from alcohol which has changed her life so much for the better that she has made sobriety a permanent fixture. Alex realised that putting the drink down was the start of the most amazing self-discovery journey and Alex, along with Lisa, decided they wanted to help others achieve the life they have now managed to achieve for themselves, setting up Bee Sober and helping to connect people wanting to live a sober lifestyle. 

Alex’s favourite self-care tools are exercise, strength training, running and playing the Organ.  Alongside the work Alex does in Bee Sober and Bee Sober Academy, a twist of fate meant she is now also the Church Organist at the Parish Church, playing regularly at the Sunday morning Services.  Alex is loud and proud about her sobriety, breaking down the stigma associated with binning the booze.