About Lisa

Lisa a mum of three is the co-founder of Bee Sober and co-presenter of The Sober Experiment podcast. She is a director of the IPHM, an international accreditation board for Holistic Complementary Alternative Therapists and Training Providers. She is also a co-founder of The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober, an amazing social group for sober people all across the UK.

When most children were playing shopkeepers, Lisa was playing barmaid, from serving drinks from behind the living room bar at family parties from the age of just 5 to living in a pub at 15, alcohol was the only way she knew how to have fun. relax and switch off. Alcohol had been a huge part of Lisa’s identity, from being 14 years old she was the life and soul of every party. Birthdays cards, Christmas presents, and social media posts all revolved around alcohol. She was always the first to the bar and the last one home and eventually just got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired every Monday morning and as a director of an international company, a single mum of 3 teenagers she needed to start showing up for those around her.

Parenting and running a successful business can be hard work, trying to do that hungover or “just being tired” is even harder. After realising her weekends consisted of the same boring cycle of drinking wine, talking about wine, going to restaurants to drink more wine, laughing at jokes that weren’t funny, not really listening to what anyone had to say, then waking up filled with hangxiety which lasted well into the working week. Lisa was trapped in a cycle of drinking to switch off from a hard week's work and parenting, not actually realising that dumbing down all that hard stuff dumbed down all the good stuff too. Weekends now are completely different from what they used to be and Lisa can usually be found under a waterfall, up a mountain, or kayaking in the Lake District.

Everything changed when Lisa transformed her relationship with alcohol and Lisa believes mindset has everything to do with it, it’s the secret to all her biggest dreams coming true. and she is now on a mission to prove that being sober does not mean being boring, Lisa is now obsessed with personal growth and becoming a better version of herself. Giving up alcohol does not mean you have to miss out. In fact, by ditching the booze Lisa believes you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Lisa is a positive thinker and will always find humour in even the darkest or most trying situations.  Lisa believes that you do not need to be the stereotypical alcoholic to choose a sober lifestyle and that sobriety is actually the best thing that has ever happened to her. Planting seeds amongst friends and family including her best friend Alex (co-founder of Bee Sober) and her mum who are both also now sober following Lisa's example, her aim is now to motivate everyone she comes into contact with using positivity, gratitude, mindfulness, and self-care to bring about happiness and success whilst spreading the sober word.