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Stop and Think

10 December 2020

sober experiment

Anxiety pressure just pour me a drink
Just pause for a minute stop think

Anxiety worry’s, I know the fix
Pour me a drink I’ll be as solid as bricks

Whiskey or wine the feelings the same
Pour me a drink and there’ll be no more pain

Anxiety depression start to tremble and shake
Pour me a drink as soon as I wake

Anxiety sadness these feelings are real
pour me a drink and the better I’ll feel

As you pour a drink, you pour out more lies
And out pours the demon in its liquid disguise

Like a thief in the night,it takes and it takes
Never giving back, your resolve it just breaks

You have the sickness, but others bare the spots
Just pause for a second and join up the dots

Pour another drink, what good will it do?
Feel better for an hour but so much worse in two

If you find the courage to look at your problems and flaws
You’ll see it’s not the solution but in fact, it’s the cause

So next time the demon says ‘pick up a drink’
Just pause for a minute.....stop....think!

Author: Tom (Lisa's ex-husband, well technically they are still married but you get the picture)

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