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Bee Sober Lockdown wellness guide

5 January 2021

Bee Sober Lockdown wellness guide


Well, well, well here we are again! You must stay at home big Bozza says. Oh shit!!

 If the thought of this lockdown has filled you with dread, you are not alone, but fear not. We’ve done this before so we can and will do this again only better this time!

We have compiled some top tips to help keep you on track, healthy and motivated to promote overall well bee-ing so here goes.

Have a routine

Ok I know it sounds boring, and with no work or school to get up early for its easy to slip into late night Netflix binges and sleeping late.

Don’t get me wrong a day or two of this won’t hurt but don’t let it become a habit. It's scientifically proven that we thrive on routine so set those alarms at your usual get up times. This is a big benefit to our circadian rhythm that will just be finding its natural flow after us giving up drinking, so keeping it on an even keel will see you reaping the benefits and waking up feeling refreshed and ready for what the day throws at you.

Same goes for bedtime, having a regular evening wind down routine will work wonders at promoting a restful night sleep. So get off those screens an hour before you want to be asleep to allow your brain to calm down from that over stimulating blue light. What this evening  routine entails is entirely up to you, have a hot bath, cup of hot chocolate, read a book, meditate, listen to a bedtime story, there are loads available where you would listen to your favorite podcasts and for me it was a game changer!

Eat well and Hydrate.

We all know the benefit of a good balanced diet but its all so easy to order takeaway or finish off the festive treats. That’s fine in moderation maybe keep it as your weekend treat and focus on home cooked nutritious meals mid-week. Use the bonus of having some extra time on your hands to experiment with some new recipes. You will find its loads cheaper too when you cook from scratch saving you £££. Make it a family activity and get the kids involved chopping veg, weighing and mixing are fun activities for them and teach them valuable life skills.

Be mindful of how much you are drinking, go easy on the coffee especially in the afternoon and evening. Drink more water. I have a glass at the side of the bed, and before I get up I make sure I finish it. Aim to have a glass of water every hour you will feel amazing for it I promise.

Fresh air and exercise.

There’s something behind the saying, the only workout you regret is the one you don’t do! Exercise really is a marvel. It increases the heartrate and gets those feel-good endorphins pumping. Promoting overall health both physically and mentally. Don’t worry though you don’t have to run a 5k or do a cardio heavy session to feel the benefit. Getting out in the fresh air for a good walk is just as beneficial. Aim for that magic 10000 steps a day as part of your daily routine and you will soon feel fitter and healthier.

Recognise positive and negative influences.

Does your mood take a nose-dive after watching the news? Does social media trigger you? Is that WhatsApp group chat grating your nipples?  Detox from it all!!  Often ignorance is bliss, you don’t need to be glued to the news as they love to broadcast drama, negativity and fear. Switch it off!!      If that person you follow on social media makes you feel crap, or triggers you, unfollow them, they wont even know you have done it! Mute that group chat, or just leave. Its common in sobriety for you to completely evolve and those people you used to hang out with are just not your people anymore. Slowly distance yourself if you feel like this as it will help you to keep on growing and protect your fledgling sobriety. You are a reflection of the 5 people you connect with the most, choose those people wisely.

Try something new.

If you have found that you have loads of time on your hands now. Use it to try something new. Start a journal, this has been gaining popularity recently and the benefits of journaling are vast. You may want to take that one step further and even write a blog. (If you do share it with us as it could be featured on our website).  Try baking, doodling, yoga, art or even an online course.  You can always join one of our Bee Soberonline events, They are all free to members, from keep fit to book clubs, to coaching, we’ve got you covered. See our events page for more details.

Bee kind to yourself.

2020 was a crappy year, and this one will be challenging too. Remember you got through it. It can’t last forever. Take it day by day and be gentle with yourself. The tips above are a guide to help, but do what you need to each day protecting your sobriety is number 1. Listen to your body, reach out on our members page as many times as you like. Send us an email or inbox we are here to help you!

We are not all in the same boat but we are in the same storm. Together as a community we will not only survive but thrive!!

Bee brave, Bee kind, Bee Sober


Article Source: Jo Clayton

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