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A story about my magical wine rack.

25 July 2022

A story about my magical wine rack.

A story about my magical wine rack.

On the left was my wine rack before I had it re-modified and now use it as a bird table.

This wine rack could tell you so many stories and holds so many memories both happy and sad. It held 12 bottles of wine which I can assure you was always topped up, with the very best assorted red wines with the more expensive being placed at the back. The reason being in my befuddled way of thinking back then was so that I would not mistakenly pop open an expensive 14% or good vintage wine, when I may have had one too many and would just open any bottle. After all, we all know that no matter how refined we think our tastes are after one bottle you really couldn’t care less as long as it’s got your favorite tipple in and it’s alcoholic.

It was decorated at Xmas with tinsel and lights and took pride of place as bottle after bottle would be emptied and refilled and spirits and mixers would be in abundance and on hand. It was there for every family celebration, and bottles would be opened no matter what the occasion, and in times of joy, sadness, anger, or boredom.

The one thing I could always rely on was my trusty wine rack would always be with me. It had traveled as much as me. Through my different home moves and even countries as it resided in Spain with me for about 8 years until of course I returned back to the UK but not before ensuring this also got safe package back.

I had so many offers for people wanting to buy it off me as it was indeed a work of art with its wrought iron holders of 12 and steps for special bottles of brandy, gin, port etc … oh how wonderful I thought it was.

I never thought we would be parted, it had never entered my mind, after all it had been there to support me through the loss of my true love and the man I was about to marry.  who died suddenly and unexpectedly, it was there to witness my grief, and my stupidity as I jumped head-long into an inappropriate rebound relationship, it was there during my divorce, it stuck by me when I had no home or job or family around, and at times it was my one and only companion.

It was there to come back to after looking after and taking care of my mum who had developed Parkinson’s and dementia.

When I thought I couldn’t cope with the hurt, sadness, and pain of watching this beautiful lady who I had known since before my birth slowly leave me and lose all contact with reality and lived a life of confusion and fear not knowing what days or time was anymore, it would tell me to hurry home so I could be at peace for a few hours and it would soothe me with oblivion for a few more hours especially if I reached round the back.

Oh, how I thought I loved my magical wine rack and all the nectar it held and how I thought it loved me back.

Then one day something really magical happened.!!

We fell out, we broke up, and I had had enough. I had nothing left to lose anymore. My mum had recently passed away and the pain I experienced was truly on another level. But this time no matter how much it tried to tempt me to dumb down and drink the hurt away, I had seen another way, a better way, a clearer path, an opportunity for light, not darkness.

I had discovered that others had also found this new path before me. I had seen the happiness and sparkle in their eyes when they told me about it. The joy and excitement of something new and wonderful being revealed to me. I just had to do one thing to prepare and embrace this new and exciting journey. I just had to trust that those who had discovered this new world without alcohol were not lying and really were telling the truth. My new journey had begun.

Just as I transformed and discovered this new and amazing new world that awaited me, so then did my wine rack. Its holders of poison were removed so it would never be tempted to hold another bottle. After all, I couldn’t abandon it but I could bring it with me on my new path.

This was nearly 4 years ago and we have both changed and grown so much.

My wine rack now has room to offer shelter, seeds, and water to nurture the beautiful birds and squirrels that pay it a visit. It no longer dishes out its poison and toxins that lead you to believe that it will make life more fun, better, and exciting.

Since my wine rack and I have had this new relationship we go from strength to strength and continue to feel amazed and in awe at just how beautiful life really can be once you are back in control. My wine rack and I see the beauty in all things that were hidden for so long.

Ahhh yes so now I know why those who follow this path of sobriety are excited to tell others about the magical journey to come. Anyone for a glass of pink fluffy clouds?


Article Source: Trish Kershaw (aka Lisa's mum)


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