Lisa and Alex Co-Founders of Bee SoberBee Sober Ambassador

Lisa and Alex Co-Founders of Bee Sober

Region: Manchester

Meet Lisa and Alex life-long best friends and founders of Bee Sober CIC. Sobriety can be full of unexpected challenges and difficulties, but with the help of our support group, nobody has to go at it alone. We started Bee Sober with a vision to connect people living a sober or sober curious lifestyle to help them feel less alone and show them that you can still have fun without alcohol. Bee sober is so much more than just ditching the booze or your average sober community, it's a lifestyle choice and we pride ourselves in the safe space we have created for our members.

Join us for face-to-face meet ups out and about in and around Manchester and get in touch to find out what's going on in your area!

Bee Kind, Bee Brave, Bee Sober