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Bee Sober Yoga

Date: October 5th, 2023 - December 31st, 2024

Region: Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit through Holistic Wellness and Nature

Event Details:

Bee Sober Yoga Sessions every Thursday!  Join us for Bee Sober Online Yoga, every Thursday from 7- 8.00 pm. It's a chance to connect with your body and mind, find inner calm, and learn to live in the present moment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, all abilities are welcome, and you don't even need to bring a mat.

Crystal, who has found solace and healing through mindfulness and yoga after overcoming personal challenges, will be leading the sessions. With nearly 2 years of sobriety under her belt, she is a passionate advocate for wellbeing and understands the importance of finding balance in everyday life. Having completed her teacher training in Sri Lanka, Crystal incorporates Synergy Yoga principles for joint and spinal health, ensuring a holistic approach to the practice.

This event is free of charge for all Bee Sober members.

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Bee Sober Yoga

Contact Details:

Lisa Jo - Co-Founder of Bee Sober