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Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment®

Price: £225.00

Start date: 1/2/23

Let's take sobriety to the next level!

A 30-day supported coaching program to help you love living your alcohol-free life.

Over four weeks we will arm you with everything you need to start thriving in your sober life.

Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment will help you change the way you think about your sober life, no more white-knuckling, no more FOMO, no more day-ones.

Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment starts on 1st of the calendar month and runs for 30 days.  This is for anyone who is serious and committed to loving their sobriety.  Not only will you receive our weekly videos and emails to allow you to experiment with taking your sobriety up a notch but you will also have the support of a highly-skilled Bee Sober Head Coach for the duration of Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment, including live coaching calls (N.B. these will take place 6-7pm UK time on a Friday evening for four weeks) and direct access to your coach as you find your 'what next'.  To help you to make friendships and connections with like-minded people, your coach will give you access to a designated Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment Facebook group where you will meet other people serious about sobriety, just like you.

Once you complete the application form and make your payment, you will be sent an email with full instructions to prepare you to start your Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment.  A final email to allow you to access the Facebook group and start your experiment will be sent on the 1st of the month so remember to check your inbox and spam just in case.

Why should I invest in myself?

In your early sobriety, you will have saved a lot of money.  What better way to spend your self-care savings than on true self-care.  

We aren’t just talking about putting down the drink, that was only the beginning, this is the start of a whole new world of exciting opportunities opening up to you.  This is next level sobriety where you will finally overcome those niggling cravings, work out what tools you need for different situations and stop missing out on the social life you love.

If you’re willing to put in the work, Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment will change your sober life forever.  

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

What is Bee-Yond really about?

Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment is a specifically and carefully designed group coaching programme to help you make the most of your sober lifestyle.  It is for anyone who has more than 30-days sobriety under their belt and just wants to start loving their life again.  Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment is for anyone who is ready to stretch their sober legs, and explore the adventure ahead of them.  Whether you are in your first year or things have just gotten a bit stale, Bee-Yond is for you.  

At the beginning of each week you will receive a video and short task, straight to your inbox, introducing the weekly themes and helping you to prepare for focused time with your coach where you can work on loving your sober life.  Your coaching session will be spent refining the four themes that Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment focuses on.

Week One

In week one we will look at your sober toolbox, help you to identify your favourites, the things that work, the things that don't work and with your coach you will be able to identify and use different tools for different situations.

Week Two

In week two we will look closely at your behaviours and emotions.  What are your default behaviours?  What coping strategies do you have in place and where do you need a bit of extra support?  We will look at the things that are working for you and help you to develop those that aren't.

Week Three

Self-care is a phrase often overused and misused.  Perhaps your self-care has been indulging in too many sweet treats or maybe you have developed a few unwanted habits since kicking the booze.  In week three we will help you to break free from these habits and to put in place a true self-care regime that will help you to flourish.

Week Four

Week four is definitely about removing the FOMO and getting some JOMO.  Let's deep dive into your social life, look at what lights you up, what you're sacrificing and where you can go next.  How do you socialise sober, how can you feel less boring, what about alcohol-free drinks, and who are you anyway without the booze?  

  • 30-day Experiment - Weekly Inspirational Emails and Videos
  • Access to the Private Facebook Support Group
  • Direct access to a highly-skilled Bee Sober Head Coach
  • A designated Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment Facebook Group ran by your Bee Sober Coach
  • Weekly Group Coaching throughout Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment
  • 30-Days access to the Private Members' Area
  • Unlimited Email Support for 30 days

Don't just take our word for it

Hear what people who have gone bee-yond the sober experiment have to say!


That's what 11 weeks of sobriety can do. Depression goes away, anxiety decreases, the little sparkle in your eyes and soul is back! 

With everyday I am becoming stronger, love and respect myself more than I ever did. It is not an easy journey to go through, but it's very manageable, especially when you have Bee Sober by your side !  This community is full of love, support and acceptance. You will never feel alone I am happy where I am going, and I cannot wait to see what my future holds!


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Before and After

Just look at the difference 30 days off the booze can make. Imagine what it will look like Bee-Yond!

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