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Sober Experiment urges employers to keep lines of communication open with staff.

4 July 2020

Sober Experiment urges employers to keep lines of communication open with staff.

A poll of workers by charity Drinkaware found that 36 per cent of furloughed workers have increased their alcohol consumption since the UK went into lockdown, compared to a nationwide average of 24 per cent.

1 in 10 furloughed drinkers said they’d had a drink in secret or covered up the fact they were consuming alcohol since lockdown began. This was almost double both the UK average and the number of those working from home reporting this

Employers must use every opportunity to make sure their staff don’t become disconnected throughout the extended furlough period and must plan for a return to work that prioritises employee health and well being. The consequence of not doing this could result in thousands of people returning to work with ingrained drinking habits that could have an impact on their health – both physical and mental.

Employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of their employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act, It’s essential that employers explore, in a supportive and non-judgmental way, how furloughed workers and those working from home are coping. They should also be assessing the support those workers may need to protect their mental well being and maintain positive, healthy lifestyle behaviours that prepare them well to return to work when the time comes,

All employers should be able to support their employees and should have an effective policy which of course aims to help and support their employees rather than lead to dismissal.

Consider these warning signs, which could indicate that your employees maybe struggling and need your help.

  • unexplained or frequent absences
  • A change in behaviour
  • Unexplained dips in productivity
  • More accidents or near-misses
  • Performance or conduct issues

The Sober Experiment for workplaces works with your employees by delivering interactive presentations and workshops about the impact of alcohol on everyday life. Our relatable, inspiring and brutally honest presentation will inspire and engage your people leaving them excited to give our 30-day experiment a go. We ensure everyone we touch has a raised awareness surrounding the impact of alcohol on well being providing the tools to allow people to support others by knowing how to identify and refer concerns.

The session is neither judgmental nor preachy and we can actively encourage your employees to make better choices about their drinking and engage them in our employee assistance programme and 30-day supported sobriety experiment as a team – helping you create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Your staff will receive a Mental Health and Alcohol Awareness Certificate upon completion of this training.

Employers who complete our staff and management training will be recognised as an Alcohol Aware Employer and will receive a certificate
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