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Kate's Sober Story

14 April 2021

Kate's Sober Story

I started this story about 6 times. I had no idea where to start? I think this is because I never really thought of myself as a problem

I wasn’t sat at home drinking a bottle of wine a night when the kids went to bed. I never had a rock bottom. I could quite happily go without alcohol for a couple of weeks at a time, so surely there was no issue?

Looking back I was definitely a classic tick all the boxes, ladette binge drinker.

When I was on a night out I was out, out, with no stop button. I wasn't a mum for the night and I would quite happily drink 6/7 pints on a night out with no food on my stomach.

I was never a horrible nasty drunk,I just became louder and louder and spent most of the evening loudly talking over people and not listening because I was the entertainment right?

The problem was the older I got,the more nights I just wouldn’t have a clue how I got home. Waking up the next day with sick in a carrier bag by the side of my bed (classy) Checking messages to see if I’d sent anyone a
drunken text.

My decision to take a break came after a friend's birthday night out. We had gone out for a meal and drinks in between lockdowns (the time we could go out as a 6) I had been working since 6am and walked through the door at 6 pm, threw my clothes on (no food on my stomach), and headed out. That night I had a bit of tapas and 7 pints of strong lager, I woke up the next day not having a clue how I got home and I felt horrendous.

I’d had enough.I was bored of the hangovers, bored of the booze, and bored of not remembering how the hell I got home.

I’d been listening to an alcohol-free podcast on the way to work (over the Influence) so the idea was most definitely on my radar.

On that Saturday morning, I challenged myself to 90 days Alcohol-Free,which would include Christmas.

The first month or so was tough.

I totally emersed myself in quit lit, podcasts, Instagram accounts, and tried all of the different AF lagers.

Basically, anything I could get my hands on to help me get my head around my new Alcohol-Free life.

I then joined in with the Over The Influence motivational zooms, and met like-minded people who understood the feeling of completely going against everything society tells us to do.

I'm celebrating 6 months AF this week (mid-March) and I have never been happier.

The clarity of mind I now have is unbelievable, and I’m more present for everyone around me.

I wake up every morning with a huge smile on my face, fresh as a daisy and ready to start a new day.

Don’t even get me started on the absolute joy of hangover-free weekends!!

I have more time than ever, and have taken up my new hobby of Wild Swimming in rivers lakes and the sea.

My new challenge is 365 days Alcohol-Free.

Will I ever drink again? Never is a long time to get my head around.

But honestly..

Well you can’t swim in a lake watching the sunrise over your head with a hangover now can you?


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