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Lisa and Alex, Bee Sober founders.Our fun, informative and non-preachy workplace talks help change staffs’ relationship with alcohol. Improving their health and well-being as well as increasing workplace productivity.

We’ve seen that workplace drinking culture post-COVID is having a negative impact on staff

  • Lockdowns saw approx. ⅓ of working Brits turn to drink during work hours.
  • 89,000 people are turning up to work hungover or under the influence every day.
  • As the increase in workplace drinking continues to be normalised, those who don’t drink or don’t drink as much are feeling excluded from social events.

It’s also having a huge impact on work productivity

  • Reduced productivity due to days taken off
  • Reduced quantity and quality of work
  • Poor decision making
  • Disruption to operations
  • Co-workers having to cover for alcohol-affected employees


Let's Talk! 

Our talks provide support for your staff and help them enjoy work life with a little less booze.

We cover:

The normalising of drinking culture

Stigma around reducing drinking

Reasons for reducing drinking


Sleep and alcohol

Mental health and alcohol 

What to look out for when drinking becomes a problem

Solutions to manage alcohol consumption

How to support others who drink

How Bee Sober can keep supporting you

We have 3 great value talk packages for you to choose from.

Bronze Package

Workplace talk + The 30 Day Sober Experiment for all employees


Silver Package

Workplace talk + The 30 Day Sober Experiment for all employees + 10 x 3-month Bee Sober Staff Memberships


Gold Package

Workplace talk + The 30 Day Sober Experiment for all employees + 10 x 3-month Bee Sober Staff Memberships + Group coaching sessions for the memberships


We’ve already helped some fantastic companies make a positive change.

Natalie Maddox-Hussain

Alex today spoke to the Defence Women's Network about her 'why'.

The story behind Bee Sober being founded was truly heartbreaking in places and funny in others. Alex spoke from the heart and our audience was in awe of her honesty coupled with humour.

All organisations need to engage with Alex, the subject was not 'rammed' down peoples faces and no one was made to feel awkward it was honest information to allow people to think and make informed decisions. Alex told warts and all about her journey from childhood to the present day, it helped with the context of her why, it helped people realise it's not just them and it allowed people to know help is available.

I would love to carry on this partnership as there are so many different angles to this conversation that would be of benefit to our colleagues across not only defence but the U.K. Civil Service and our industry partners and having an organisation the Defence Women's Network can trust and appreciate is imperative.

Alex is infectious and a true inspiration, her journey is quite remarkable and I would urge all organisations to get in touch, you never know, like we didn't, who is struggling or in need of help until you open the conversation. Alex was really supportive of those on our virtual event that shared their own personal struggles, it takes someone who is strong, compassionate and who has lived experience to do that.

Don't delay reach out to Bee Sober and make a difference - it only takes one person to realise they need help for your event to be a success.

Alex, I can't thank you enough for giving up your time to talk to us today, I look forward to developing our partnership, you are amazing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Natalie Maddox-Hussain

Assistant Head Commercial OSM & Defence Women's Network Events & Social Media Lead at UK Ministry of Defence

Trina Senese

Alexandria kindly presented a webinar to Cambridgeshire Police as the Co-founder of Bee Sober.
It was a pleasure to watch, and helped me to normalise my personal decision to adopt a sober lifestyle
Alex is refreshingly honest, passionate and insightful.
She is not anti - alcohol or trying to force the sober lifestyle on anyone, just ensuring that the audience has a better understanding of alcohol, and the right information to evaluate their relationship with alcohol.
Alcohol consumption is normalised and often glamourised by the media, the target audience is not those who identify as having a problem with alcohol, but just to evaluate why they drink, how much and when.
I love that Bee Sober is a real community, and that they offer a free 30 day sober trial
Throughly recommend!

Trina Senese

Police Sergeant & Chair of Wellbeing Champions at Cambridgeshire Police

Lisa Smith

In addition to the individuals who struggle, substance use disorders among employees negatively impact workplaces overall. The key to tackling this problem is to provide education on the subject and support for employees who need it. The Sober Experiment program does just that, with facts, support, and a positive message. Alex and Lisa are fantastic teachers and facilitators.

Lisa Smith

Author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar, a memoir of "high-functioning" addiction and recovery in the world of New York City corporate law and Principle Consultant at Lisa Smith Advisory LLC

Laura Baxter

Our People initiatives for 2020 are focused around making sure our team are thriving, both in and outside of the office. We decided to get The Sober Experiment in to talk to our team to give them an insight into how alcohol can affect their behaviour and performance, and how we can make better choices.

The feedback from the session has been wonderful, with many of our team taking up their 30 Day Sober Challenge, which is offered as part of their package!

Lisa and Alex are informative and brutally honest about their past relationship with alcohol, which means people can easily relate. If your focus is on Employee Wellbeing get them in to speak to your team!

Laura Baxter

Head of Administration & HR, Fuller Research Group, Manchester

Hopwood College

I hope Alex can come back every year

Good reasons to cut down

Excellent topic and position on alcohol and its use / misuse. Insightful and thought provoking: hopefully this will give people the tools they need to approach conversations differently.

Very engaging delivery, very honest and open. Alex made me aware of how ubiquitous alcohol use/abuse is and how dangerous it is to use it to relax

Thanks for such an honest and personal approach to a sensitive topic.

Listening to Alex really gave me an outlook on my own life .

Hopwood College

Staff Members

Louise Putland

Alex supported us during our National Apprenticeship Week campaign by talking to over 200 Apprentices and learners about her experiences. She was engaging and really connected by sharing her personal experiences. Really impactful speaker and great feedback received. Huge thanks!

Louise Putland

Employer Skills Consultant at Hopwood Hall College

Levenshulme High School

The feedback from both staff and pupils was that your session ran really well. It both met the needs of the statutory framework, but also engaged pupils throughout – this is not a topic, for cultural reasons, that they give much consideration to, so they were fascinated.

The remote delivery was really smooth and the use of resources to involve the pupils furthered the aforementioned engagement.

Many thanks again for the time and energy before and on the day – we will heartily recommend you to other colleagues and hope we can work together in future.

Levenshulme High School

Year 10 PSHE

David Ryan CQC Registered Manager

Bee Sober came in to our rehab (Leigh Bank – Turning Point) to deliver a group to our residents. Both Alex and Lisa were really nice. Very approachable, engaging and knowledgeable. Our residents said they really enjoyed their group and they spoke very positively about them both.

David Ryan CQC Registered Manager

Manager of Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre Oldham

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