Women's Support Lounge (Monthly)Bee Sober Ambassador Event

Women's Support Lounge (Monthly)

Date: June 21 - December 20th, 2021

Region: Manchester

Event Details:

This is a monthly, virtual support lounge for women (age 18+) who are navigating sobriety and have experienced sexual or relationship violence. This is a safe space in which to discuss your feelings, experiences and sober journey.
Each session will start with a themed discussion and then open out to talk about anything you are struggling with, to celebrate successes, and to hear and support each other.

Third Monday of the month, 8.30-9.30pm GMT on Zoom.
(Yep, that's straight after book club for anyone who already comes to book club!)

We use the term ‘women’ inclusively of trans women, cisgender and gender non-conforming women.
Whatever stage of life, wherever you are on your sobriety journey, you are welcome.

The sessions will be facilitated by Alex Herod, who is our Bee Sober Manchester ambassador and is one of our coaches. Please do not hesitate to contact Alex with any questions: / @beesobermcr on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We do ask that all attendees have their camera on at least for the start of the meeting for safety purposes, but there will never be pressure to speak if you don’t want to.

Please note this is not therapy, and we do encourage you to seek professional counselling support if you might benefit from it.

Women's Support Lounge (Monthly)

Contact Details:

Alex Herod
Ambassador: Alex Herod