Urban Reef - Beachfront Brunch Meetup!Bee Sober Event

Urban Reef - Beachfront Brunch Meetup!

Date: September 24th, 2022

Region: Bournemouth

Event Details:

Join us at Urban Reef (a gorgeous restaurant/eatery on Boscombe Beach) for brunch and a fabulous sea view! Sea dipping afterwards is optional - it's September so if the weather holds up the sea hopefully won't be too chilly yet!! ;)

Run jointly by Dorset Ambassador Hannah Landerand Bournemouth Ambassador Lisa Erlandsen :)

We know it can feel daunting meeting up with new people for the first time, so please let either of us know if you have any worries at all or would like to meet up beforehand. we are more than happy to do this. If you have any questions, send us an email (details below)

Urban Reef - Beachfront Brunch Meetup!

Contact Details:

Lisa Erlandsen
Ambassador: Lisa Erlandsen