Supported Bee Sober Experiment - Group Coaching May 2022Bee Sober Event

Supported Bee Sober Experiment - Group Coaching May 2022

Date: May 1 - 31st, 2022

Event Details:

Let's transform your relationship with alcohol forever. No labels. No judgment.

A 30-day supported group coaching program to help you stop drinking and create an alcohol-free life you love.

We'll help you build your sober toolbox, so by the end of this supported experiment, you walk away with healthy new coping mechanisms and all the tools you need to deal with the ups and downs of life – without having to rely on alcohol. We have combined years of research, science and groundbreaking techniques to build a powerful framework and support network that you can use to stop drinking without too much willpower.

The Sober Experiment will help you change the way you think about alcohol, so you can quit without feeling as if you’re missing out.

The supported Sober Experiment starts on 1st May and lasts all month. This group programme is for anyone who is serious and committed to their sobriety. Not only will you receive our 30-daily videos and emails to allow you to experiment with sobriety but you will also have the support of a highly-skilled Bee Sober Head Coach for the duration of your Sober Experiment, including live coaching calls (N.B. these will take place 7-8pm UK time on a Tuesday evening for four weeks) and direct access to your coach as you navigate these early days. To help you to make friendships and connections with people who just 'get it', you will join a private Sober Experiment May 2022 Facebook group where you will meet other people starting their sobriety journey with you.

Once you complete the application form and make your payment, you will be sent an email with full instructions to prepare you to start your Sober Experiment. A final email to allow you to access the Facebook group and start your experiment will be sent on the 1st May so remember to check your inbox and spam just in case.

We only have space for 5 participants in this group - It's small (and perfectly formed) so as everyone will get a chance to be seen and heard.

Supported Bee Sober Experiment - Group Coaching May 2022

Contact Details:

Sarah Williamson
Coach: Sarah Williamson