Sunday Drop-in 7pmBee Sober Event

Sunday Drop-in 7pm

Date: May 2 - September 26th, 2021

Event Details:

Members Only: Come and join us each Sunday night, set your goals and intentions for the week ahead!

We know that navigating sobriety alone can be tricky, we know how important it is to meet like-minded people, to be able to share stories, make friends and encourage each other, we know AA isn’t for everyone this is why we have put together a brand new sober support group. Join us and get support, encouragement and top tips, Each week we will celebrate your wins and help you through those tricky spots! You are never, ever alone - being sober just got seriously cool!

Come and meet real-life people, share your stories, celebrate the wins, and support each other through the lows. 

Tickets are Free to all Bee Sober Members. Drop us a message if you would like to trial one of these before becoming an official supporter/member of Bee Sober

Join Bee Sober and attend as many drop-in sessions and Thursday Sober Lounges as you want for just £9.99 a month

Bee Brave, Bee Kind, Bee Sober 

Sunday Drop-in 7pm