Journaling for Self Love with Cici ReaganBee Sober Ambassador Event

Journaling for Self Love with Cici Reagan

Date: June 22nd, 2021

Event Details:

Journaling for Self Love with CiCi Reagan

Join CiCi for an interactive and uplifting journaling workshop. We'll talk about the scientifically proven basis of writing as a method for healing, her top five journaling tips, and do some journaling on the fly to practice gratitude, create mantras, and celebrate our accomplishments.

CiCi is a recovering addict, domestic abuse survivor, and published author. She works with fellow survivors of addiction, abuse, and trauma to unearth their inner strength and heal through the power of writing. Her followers and members of her community refer to her as ‘inspiring,’ but her main goal is to simply share her story so that others know they aren’t alone.

Everybody welcome - Tickets are just £10.00

Tuesday 22nd June - 7.30 pm 

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