Fun, Food & Frivolity in a FieldBee Sober Ambassador Event

Fun, Food & Frivolity in a Field

Date: May 23rd, 2021

Region: Birmingham and the Black Country

Event Details:

FREE EVENT: It dawned on me today as I was driving over to Kinver for today’s Bee Sober walk, that I can’t walk and talk when I’m climbing hills. This is as a result of sitting on my fat ass for prolonged periods of time over the last few years. I am doing something about that and endeavor to not hyperventilate on future walking events. However, as nice as this morning was, I’ve decided our next meet up will involve less moving, more talking and FOOOOOD! Call it what you want; picnic in the park, food in a field.

It’s happening Sunday 23rd May, 2pm at Himley Hall and Park. I feel like this could be an event to cater for all as if you want to go for a walk around the park you can. I do however think it’s best I stay at our designated picnic area to keep an eye on sandwich stealers and be on standby...for what I don’t know. But every group needs someone on standby. Depending on numbers I might invent some sort of group activity (seated of course) but aside from that bring a blanket, your butties, some banana loaf and your AF beverages and let’s Bee Sober together!

*please note that I haven’t an effin clue what the social distancing rules will be at this point so we may have to all sit 6ft apart and look like loner picnic goers! Also, as always, don’t forget your wet wipes! Drop me an email for more info or to confirm your interest.

Fun, Food & Frivolity in a Field

Contact Details:

Shaena Jasmat
Ambassador: Shaena Jasmat