FoodtoberBee Sober Event


Date: October 4 - 25th, 2021

Event Details:

Are you finding that now you're sober you are eating more, overeating or binging. Finding that you are mindlessly eating even when you're not hungry to control the way you feel perhaps? This is leaving you feeling shameful, guilty or even disgusting.

Are you sick and tired of going on a diet, counting points, macros or even red or green days to lose weight then lapse and out it all back in and more.

You've stopped drinking, a fantastic achievement and now you're replacing this with food.

I know, I've been there.

I have a four week course to help you peel away the reasons you are doing this, we will build tools to conquer your overeating and by the end of the four weeks you will be in control.

The course cost is £60.00, that's £15.00 per week, that's less than what you would spend on a takeaway, sweets, cake and junk food!

There are only four places available so book on A.S.A.P to avoid disappointment and let's get you started.

Starting Monday October 4th to Monday 27th October at 6.00pm


Contact Details:

Gail Winstanley - Bee Sober Coach
Coach: Gail Winstanley - Bee Sober Coach