Cheesden Lumb Mill: Cold Water Swim/Dip/PaddleBee Sober Event

Cheesden Lumb Mill: Cold Water Swim/Dip/Paddle

Date: May 28th, 2022

Region: Manchester

Event Details:

Bee Sober and Active Friends - Cold water swim at Cheesden Lumb Mill at 1.00pm on Saturday 28th of May!

Members , non-members, Sober and Sober Curious all welcome

It is only about 10 min walk to the location so our lovely Sue Tickle has planned a 5k walk beforehand ( we are not sure of path conditions so please be prepared). We will go for dip/swim/paddle then enjoy a chat and a coffee afterward.

Guys..... there is only a bloomin waterfall 

There’ll be no pressure to actually swim - realistically you’ll be going in for about a minute, the after-effects are amazing though and you’ll be so bloody proud of yourself.

Essentials Items to bring:
swimsuit, towel, lots of layers, plastic bag or dry bag for wet items. Wooly hat, hot drink, swim shoes/socks

Not essential but nice to have:
hot water bottle, if you do have a wetsuit feel free to bring it, swim gloves etc

Meeting point:
It is a parking bay just off Edenfield road near Owd Betts Pub.

We will make a list of everyone who says yes, so if you don't end up coming and change your mind please let us know or if you are running late drop us a message, unfortunately, we won’t be able to wait for much longer than 10 past 1 as people start to get cold and impatient so please try and be on time, I feel awful having to set off without everyone

Cheesden Lumb Mill: Cold Water Swim/Dip/Paddle

Contact Details:

Lisa and Alex Co-Founders of Bee Sober
Ambassador: Lisa and Alex Co-Founders of Bee Sober