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Binge Eating

Date: July 23 - December 31st, 2021

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One thing we tend to do when we stop drinking is turn to sugar to compensate for the sugar in alcohol and we can get huge cravings whilst we withdraw from the habit of drinking, while this does help in the short term it can turn into another addiction, a binge eating disorder (B.E.D), weight gain or another habit.

Staying healthy and mindful of what your eating can be difficult but it can also become unhealthy and be detrimental to your physical & mental health. I'm a recovering Binge Eater and i want to provide support and help to overcome and issues you may be having around food. Join me: Gail every Friday starting on: 23rd July 2021 16.00 PM Zoom

Binge Eating

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Gail Winstanley - Bee Sober Coach
Coach: Gail Winstanley - Bee Sober Coach