Bee Fit with Bee SoberBee Sober Event

Bee Fit with Bee Sober

Date: May 3 - December 31st, 2021

Event Details:

Members go free. (£3.50 for Non-Members) Join us every Weekday morning at 6:30 am to kick start your day in the best possible way.  

Exercise is amazing. It wakes you up, dusts off the cobwebs, and gets those wonderful feel-good endorphins pumping. Leaving you feeling happier, more productive, and ready to take on your day.

All levels of fitness welcome.
All you need is a bit of space, some water, and be willing to get a bit out of puff. We will guide you through and answer any questions in real-time and can give lower impact alternatives if you are new to exercise or have any injuries.

Grab yourself a small weight (tin of beans/bottle of water), resistance band (optional), and exercise mat and we will see you there 

These sessions are around 45 minutes long and are free for all members. All sessions are run by a Qualified PT instructor.

Bee Healthy, Bee Fit, Bee Sober!


Bee Fit with Bee Sober