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One in Five young people now reports being embarrassed by their parent’s drinking at some point during their childhood.

  • 44% of 11-15-year olds in England had drunk alcohol and of these, 14% of 11-year olds had been drunk and 70% of 15-year olds.
  • Of this 44%, 21% of them drank more than 15 units in the week of the study. Girls are the most likely to have been drunk.
  • It is estimated that between 189,000 and 208,000 children live with an alcohol-dependent adult in the UK, of which 14,000 live with two alcohol-dependent adults
  • 71% of the young people who have tried alcohol were given alcohol by their parents, 49% by friends and 48% had taken alcohol from their home without their parents’ knowledge.

Bee Sober for Education

The Sober Experiment for education is an interactive session with your students as either a PSHE session, assembly or workshop, taking them through our own honest and open journey with alcohol and informing them about its risks and dangers in a relatable and non-judgemental way.  We also explore the emotions and fears, through our own experiences, about parental drinking, which can have a lasting effect on their adult life.  We can provide a follow-up lesson plan and resources for your teachers, if required.

The new Ofsted framework recognises that in order for pupils to embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life, they need knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing and health in order to build their self-efficacy, including issues surrounding alcohol.  The Sober Experiment for education providers works with your teachers and students by delivering PSHE sessions and/or assemblies about the impact of alcohol on health, attitude, ambition and relationships.  Alex and Lisa are enhanced DBS checked and have a background in working with young people.  Our fun and interactive sessions, tackle complex issues such as:

  • The impact of alcohol on relationships
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Influence of friendships, families and peers
  • Impact of school life and your future career
  • Finding support

In addition to dealing with the direct impact of alcohol on your students, we also discuss look at this from another important perspective and do not have the support or awareness of the support available to them – we can help them to no longer feel isolated.  All too often, during a typical PSHE lesson about alcohol where teachers are stressing the risks involved and highlighting the dangers, one in five of the class is sat there thinking “you’re talking about my mum/dad”.

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We can tailor the presentation to meet the needs of your students.

Today, young people’s drinking habits differ from older generations.

Today, young people’s drinking habits differ from older generations.  According to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, recent trends suggest that they drink less often during the week, but that they are more prone binge drinking when they do.  At first glance, official figures on drinking habits indicate that in recent years, while young people have been drinking above the average unit consumption per week, they now drink less than the UK average. Young people also drink fewer times during the week than most other age groups. But when they do drink, a significant proportion engage ‘binge’ drinking.

As teachers of these young people, it is your responsibility to educate them and tackle this as a preventative measure, it is essential to unpick the habits of young people and make adequate and effective interventions before lasting damage has been done, in an explorative and interactive way and to provide non-judgemental support to encourage them to speak about their worries and fears surrounding their home life, their own drinking habits, peer pressure, a friend’s drinking or to generally debunk myths surrounding alcohol use.

We sponsor Nacoa (The National Association for Children of Alcoholics) to provide help for young people who may need it and will soon be voluntary speakers for this charity, alongside what we already do.

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