Shirley Harpham - Bee Sober CoachBee Sober Coach

Shirley Harpham - Bee Sober Coach

Bee Sober Coach

Shirley Harpham - Bee Sober Coach - Bee Sober Coach

Hi there everyone. My name is Shirley Nice to meet you. I am a mum of one and life with my wife and 4 dogs in sunny Chorlton, Manchester.

I am an IPHM Accredited and qualified Bee Sober Coach.

So a little about myself; I am really down to earth, warm, caring and compassionate and totally non judgmental; whatever shame you may be harbouring, I can totally relate to all embarrassing shameful stories.  Been there and it's not pleasant.

Sadly, I drank most of my adult life, due to unresolved trauma.  My lifestyle and choices were mainly to be frowned upon.  Alcohol played an important role in my life and I used it as a crutch.  I abused alcohol using it for any emotions I felt, mainly to numb things out which didn't have a good impact on my mental health, work, life, relationships etc.

I did have lots of failed attempts to stop drinking. The devil on my shoulder was constantly shouting up. statements such as you will be boring! People won't like you! You will have no friends!! etc, etc. Finally I'd had enough of my inner demons dictating how my life was going to unveil..and started to take control of my life.

I finally gave up drinking on the 4th of december 2020, since then my life has been a tranquil heaven, with many improvements in my life. I have grown spiritually, my marriage is happy and healthy, my relationship with my daughter is stronger and supported. I have become a coach, I am a Bee Sober Ambassador, I volunteer in a local charity shop, and also I have taken up new hobbies. None of this would have happened in my old reality.

I am really passionate about sobriety and its wonderful benefits and how people's lives can be totally turned around once they have removed alcohol and unlimiting beliefs and started to set goals and practice self love. 

If you are  wanting more balance, to achieve goals and start new healthy habits then I would love to help you move forward with your journey

Much Love Shirl

Please feel free to text me or drop me an email.


  • Bee Sober Coaching Diploma
  • Level 2 Meditation
  • NLP
  • Level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Psychic Awareness Qualification

book coaching with Shirley - £55

Areas of Coaching I deal with

  • Alcohol


Any day flexible providing I have 24 hours notice

Member Organisations

  • IPHM Accredited