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Gaynor Welsh

Bee Sober Senior Coach

Gaynor Welsh


I used to drink every day ....

Every morning I would wake up promising myself that I would not drink that evening , after lying awake for half of the night with huge anxiety about my drinking and the pain I had in my right hand side so much so I couldn’t lie on that side . BUT I did drink every night ... I used every excuse ... I was sad, happy, stressed, didn’t feel well, next doors cat died literally ANY EXCUSE ....I used to hide drinks and bottles ....

I was with my alcoholic Uncle when he died and yet I carried on .....

Lockdown came and dinking started even earlier ..... and my anxiety went through the roof.....

I knew I had to change .....I was killing myself , so I dug deep and started my new sober life ...yes it’s been hard at time......


I AM HAPPIER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN ..... and all that comes from being 100% alcohol free.

I’m a better mom, wife, daughter now and a better person all round , and you know what I actually like myself now ....


  • Diploma in Bee Sober Coaching

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  • Alcohol


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