Gail Winstanley - Bee Sober CoachBee Sober Coach

Gail Winstanley - Bee Sober Coach

Bee Sober Coach

Gail Winstanley - Bee Sober Coach - Bee Sober Coach

As a sober coach, I'm passionate about helping you find your true self, build back your confidence and to help you grow on to a better & brighter future, free from the chains of alcohol.

I'm a Bee Sober Ambassodor for Tameside in Greater Manchester (East) and I've been sober since 10th May 2021 and I've met some fabulous people who will now be life long friends.

Most of us bury trauma, shyness, anxiety etc with alcohol and I'm serious when I say this, you do not need alcohol in your life to control these feelings or to have fun. Your life will be far better without it, you'll start to live again.

As a recovered binge eater myself  I am also passionate about coaching men & women to overcome their dysfunctional relationship with food. You too like me can be free from restriction, guilt and bingeing and I can help coach you to build a life of choosing food to eat because you're hungry and not because you are turning to sugar as a replacement for alcohol, or turning to food to de stress or emotional eating.

Life without these shackles can be freeing and life changing and I will help you get your life back on track.

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  • Accredited Diploma in Coaching.

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Areas of Coaching I deal with

  • Alcohol
  • Binge Eating


Mon - Friday 4pm to 9pm

Member Organisations

  • IPHM Accredited