Samantha JohnstoneBee Sober Ambassador

Samantha Johnstone

Region: Preston

Hello I am Samantha, the Bee Sober ambassador for Preston.

I am 39 years young. Recently married with 3 children between us.

I am a born worrier, I worry about worrying. After the death of my father and the breakdown of a long term relationship ,I used alcohol to numb my worries and drown out all the noise in my head.

I started to suffer from severe migraines, depression and anxiety. I never ever considered my unhealthy relationship with alcohol was fueling my symptoms.

At the beginning of May 2020 I decided to remove alcohol from my life.

Sobriety isn't a magic wand however it has enabled me to manage my mental wellbeing 100 times better.

I am learning and developing myself every single day to be my true authentic self. I have Sobriety and Bee Sober to thank for that.

I became an ambassador for Bee Sober because unfortunately we live in an alcohol obsessed world.

I want to be part of a society that understands there is far more to life than drinking alcohol.

With the right support and knowledge everyone can have a life free from alcohol.

Please say hello and introduce yourself on my @beesoberpreston Instagram page

Thank you

Samantha x