Paula KenningtonBee Sober Ambassador

Paula Kennington

Region: North East

Hi, I’m Paula and I live in County Durham. I live with my teenage son and my gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Oreo.

I was always a big drinker, as far back I can remember. 1 was never enough. I thought Passing out and blacking out was normal.

All through my 20, ’30s, and 40’s I struggled with alcohol, having numerous attempts at sobriety and AA. This cycle continued until March 2020 when I finally put the drink down for good and stopped using alcohol as my crutch.

The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober have been an amazing support in my sober journey.

So here I am today, sober and strong and living my life with purpose. I’m looking forward to meeting other sober people in my area so we can support each other and enjoy some sober socialising.

The fun doesn’t have to stop once you stop drinking.