Lisa RyanBee Sober Ambassador

Lisa Ryan

Region: Brisbane, Australia and Online

Alcohol free since September 2014, I am passionate about exercise, wellness, and living life with enthusiasm and gratitude. These are passions that I want to share with you!

I am a Certified Coach with Bee Sober, This Naked Mind and a Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach, trained by Jolene Park.

A long-term daily drinker, my alcohol consumption increased dramatically in my 40s as I tried to cope and self-medicate through life. Along with a lack of self-worth, my anxiety skyrocketed, and my physical and mental health suffered. I realised that I had forgotten what brought me joy and serenity in life. I turned my life around by practicing mindfulness, finding exercise, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I don’t consider myself in “recovery”, rather as in perpetual discovery.