Katy NewbyBee Sober Ambassador

Katy Newby

Region: Shropshire

Hi, I'm Katy.

At the age of 16 I moved out of my childgood home, began my life of independence and discovered alcohol. I followed my dream of joining the Armed Forces and whilst I worked hard, I also played hard. My down time would normally be spent in the NAAFI with my colleagues drinking until the bar shut. The longest I spent alcohol free was when I was expecting my daughter and early motherhood. Since then, my go to in the evenings has always been a glass or 3 of wine. Being a military family, the social life was almost always centred around prosecco and lots of it. I knew my drinking wasn't healthy and through an email I received at work, I was introduced to Bee Sober. After spending many many months wanting to not drink, Bee Sober gave me the tools, network and community to be able to achieve a completely alcohol free life. A life that I am absolutely embracing.