Kate RobertsBee Sober Ambassador

Kate Roberts

Region: Wakefield (and Leeds)

Hi, I’m Kate, Ambassador for Bee Sober Wakefield. I’ll be running women-only events in Wakefield (where I live) and in surrounding areas - Leeds is just ten mins on the train!

I live with my car and boxing-obsessed husband, and my mother-in-law. I love spending time with family, walking, being in nature, random day trips, food-related, traveling, yoga (currently doing my 200hr teacher training), going out for brunch, and reading (mainly non-fiction). I love a bit of Great British Bake-Off, mainly to drool at the food and laugh when it all goes wrong, also 24 hours in Police Custody and any true-crime docs! And, I have a (slightly embarrassing?!) addiction to Made in Chelsea!

My sobriety:

I have been sober since July 2018, but I had realised alcohol was not working for me a good couple of years before I finally managed to knock it on the head. 

In a nutshell, I used alcohol to ‘help’ me in social situations. Without drinking, I felt incredibly awkward in most social settings, uncomfortable in my own skin and far too conscious about what other people were thinking of me (which lets be honest, was probably nothing!), always overanalysing everything I said, feeling like I had nothing of value to say, or just being downright shy, especially in big groups. Drinking seemingly made all of these things disappear!

I do have some pretty hilarious memories from my early drinking days, but fun times gradually became less and less, and far too often I found myself in situations I did not want to be in – in terms of relationships, my safety, my physical and mental health etc. These days, mainly with the help of podcasts, lots of reading, time spent alone, reflecting, and learning, I couldn’t be happier to be alcohol-free! It makes dealing with life’s challenges a lot more manageable and all of my relationships with family, friends, and most importantly, myself, are beyond better.

I’m really looking forward to connecting with others on this sobriety journey, so please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to attend any events I’m hosting or if you just need someone to talk to