Jules AllanBee Sober Ambassador

Jules Allan

Region: Bristol

Hi I am Jules

I am 48 and live in Bristol with my partner and his 2 teenagers, learning to navigate teenage life, menopause, and there are many raging hormones aplenty at our house!

I am passionate about being Alcohol free and the opportunities, healing and the connections I have made. I have been sober curious for 8 years and fully Alcohol Free since Dec 31st 2019.

I feel as we are coming out of lockdown, its really important we can make connections online and offline, I felt so alone in my sober curious journey for the first couple of years and sadly lost many friends as part of my healing and sobriety journey, I was changing, shifting and my old habits, coping strategies and interests were changing, many friendships began to disconnect and things we had in common (getting pissed and having a rant about the world!) no longer connected us.

I am now looking to make sober connections in my local community offline as well as online, it would be fantastic to create opportunities, share interests, activities, cuppa's and chats with other like minded folk. I know when I was newly sober curious knowing there were other people wanting to connect would have really supported me especially in the early stages of my sobriety.

My mantra all the way through my sobriety journey has been Little Steps.... I truly believe in this and will keep taking little steps everyday on my sobriety path!