Declan BakerBee Sober Ambassador

Declan Baker

Region: Nottingham

Hello sober community!

I’m Declan, I'm 28 and just over a year ago i made one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I kicked the bottle and decided that enough was enough.

Throughout the years I've spent countless weekends and countless amount of money with the goal to be drunk. which I feel most young adults do nowadays.

however, after discovering the sober community and opening my eyes to the idea of going sober, I've managed to enjoy my life, properly! once again! who would have thought it?!?

I started off sober curious but the support and influence that the social media sober community gave me, I decided to give it a proper go and it helped me massively.

So I'd like to give back and support others, help strengthen this ever-growing sober community and hopefully meet great people along the way.