Cat QuineBee Sober Ambassador

Cat Quine

Region: Nottingham

Hi, I'm Cat and I live in Nottingham with a pesky squirrel called Aladdin.

I'm 30 now and had a big wake-up call when I realised I'd been drinking problematically for more than half my life. My drinking was partly intertwined with trauma but I was also scared to genuinely give it up. I addressed the trauma but kept drinking and eventually hit rock bottom in summer 2020, when I fundamentally had to make changes. I didn't know what sober life would/could even look like, but since joining Bee Sober, it's been the best journey I could ever have imagined. Sobriety is improving my fitness, my relationships, my career and my confidence. I'm the happiest I've ever been and I would never, ever go back.

Would love to connect with more sober people round the Nottingham area, so if you want to hang out, just get in touch!