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Many of our ambassadors and community members deliver talks at schools, rehab centres and workplaces.  If you are interested in becoming a speaker for Bee Sober, get in touch or submit an application to be added to the list for our next round of speaker training. 

If you would like to book one of our speakers, please get in touch with us below:

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Alex and Lisa


All ages

Available for Online

Through sharing our story with your employees, our relatable, inspiring and brutally honest presentation will inspire and engage your people leaving them excited to take part in our 30-day supported Sober Experiment® as a team – helping you create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Garry Illston


All ages

Available for Online


I am very passionate towards recovery. I have experience in over eating/drugs/drinking and gambling. I used all of them at some point to escape from my head and life.

With the help of gambling anonymous and of course bee sober, I am slowly putting my life back together.

My life can be very rewarding, and then some days I have to dig really deep to get through it.

Most importantly, I am always learning and always growning

Irene Wignall

Greater Manchester

18+ only

Available for Online

I want to spread the word that just because you’re not drinking out of a brown paper bag, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem with alcohol.

Sarah Williamson

Nationally and online

All ages

Available for Online

Sarah is retired from drinking but not from fun and loves sharing her story about finding joy on the other side of alcohol. She got taken in by the 'Wine O'clock' and 'Hurrah for Gin' way of living back then but now enjoys promoting other ways to relax, destress and have fun. Sarah has had a few curveballs thrown her way but she now knows how to navigate her way through a sticky situation and can help you and your team do the same.

Gail Winstanley

Manchester City Centre or Tameside

All ages

Available for Online

I'm an accredited IPHM Bee Sober coach with over 35 years of binge eating disfunction and alcohol.