Bee Sober Support LoungesSupport for your sober journey

Bee Sober Support Lounges Pay as You Go

This sober support group, facilitated by Bee Sober, is in place for you to share inspirational ideas and tips for a successful sobriety. You will be able to share your journey, free from judgement, in a supportive, encouraging, confidential and friendly environment, whilst surrounded by like-minded people all at various stages of their sober journey. 

The Bee Sober Support lounge is for anybody wanting support on their sober journey whether you have done a 12-step programme or are taking a different route to sobriety. Our inclusive and modern approach is for everyone who wants to get and stay sober, whatever stage you are currently at. 

Join us each week to celebrate your successes and navigate your way through any challenges you may face. 


Before you book, have you seen our membership option. If you intend to join us regularly for just 34 pence a day you will receive access to ALL the Bee Sober Support Lounges plus more exciting benefits - check it out here 

Becoming a valuable Bee Sober member is not just about what you get, but what you give: When you purchase any of our items you financially support NACOA and allow Alex and Lisa to continue to support others just like you. It also helps fund our podcast and allows us to continue to support the community e.g. schools, colleges, universities, and rehabilitation centres. Please contact us if you would like to join but £3.50 is not currently affordable as we do have some free/subsidised pay as you go spaces available 

Thursday Sober Lounge