Bee-Yond the Sober ExperimentStarts 1st November 2022

  • Do you have more than 30 days continuous sobriety?
  • Are you wondering what's next?
  • Are you ready to take ownership of your life, thoughts and personal development?
  • Are you feeling a little bit stuck and not sure which road to take?
  • Are you able to quit, but always feel deprived and miserable when you do?
  • Are you alcohol free but want it to stick this time?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment is for you!

It's time to feel good about quitting drinking

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It is often said that the only thing more difficult than getting sober is staying sober.

There is lots of support available for those struggling with ditching the booze, but we know that creating your coping skills and building healthy habits for life is essential. We want to empower you with the tools that will give YOU your power back. We want to inspire you to live your best life without the booze. 

You already know what it feels like to Bee Sober, once you ditch the booze you start to get clarity on what you want for your life, things start to feel more possible. We know that sobriety is amazing in that it affects so many areas of your life. We want you to really feel that too.

There is nothing more exciting than self-discovery.

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself to find out what truly makes you happy? Through this programme, we will guide you to remove your desire to drink and help you to set new goals that allow you to become more productive, more aware and more creative.

What are the main reasons for relapse?

Some of the top reasons people relapse include: 

  1. Encountering negative or difficult emotions - depending upon what you used alcohol for, it is possible you didn't develop healthy ways to deal with difficult emotions such as anger or sadness.  Difficulty in regulating your emotions can lead to a relapse. 
  2. Mental Health - sometimes a person has been masking an underlying mental health problem with their alcohol use.  After stopping drinking, it can become apparent that there are underlying mental health issues.  Having the confidence to address this can prevent a relapse. 
  3. Being unable or unwilling to change your social interactions - in your drinking days, you surrounded yourself with likeminded individuals who also enjoy drinking.  Being around the same people can trigger a relapse.  .
  4. Not having the correct tools to deal with all life throws at you - it is important to develop a range of tools and techniques to help in different situations to help prevent relapse.
  5. Boredom - boredom and isolation could easily be listed as the number one reason for going back to drinking.  Anyone new to sobriety will tell you how much time they seem to have on their hands, finding fun and new ways of filling this time can help to prevent a relapse.
  6. Continuing to socialise in the same way as when you were drinking - bars, clubs and parties are still going to happen around you.  Of course you will still want to go to these places from time to time but having the right tools and preparations in place beforehand can help to prevent a relapse. 
  7. Poor self-care - self-care is an important part of sobriety and done in the right way it will make you feel better about yourself.  Exploring and discovering proper self-care is an important part of sobriety and done properly, will greatly reduce the chances of a relapse.
  8. Overconfidence - you will have heard of, or even been on a pink fluffy cloud where you never want to drink alcohol again.  You might have such bad memories of your drinking days and be enjoying your sobriety so much that you vow to never go back.  Occasionally, you will fall off that cloud and when you do the chance of relapse is much higher - being prepared for how to get back on the cloud will reduce the chances of a relapse. 

Learning the tools to prevent relapse takes time

Taking part in Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment with an experienced sobriety coach who can help you to love living sober permanently, will increase your chances of a continued and successful sobriety.

Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment

Here at Bee Sober we take great pride in debunking the above marketing messages and social pressures that have been fed to us over the years as the norm to keep people stuck in this destructive and often life destroying habit.

We will give you the tools over the next 30 days to start to love sobriety, you will start to thrive rather than survive.


The Sober Experiment has been a vital part of beginning and sustaining my sobriety. I started the Experiment over Christmas, a period where normally I would be drinking a lot and now I’m six months in and absolutely loving it. The brilliant tips and the regular videos gave me clear strategies and thought processes for staying strong and positive about my choice. I am hugely thankful to Alex and Lisa for the continuing support, which is so personalised and generous, celebrating with me when I reach my goals and building me back up me when it’s tough going. It’s like having my own personal cheer leading squad!


Our passion is to help people live a healthy, active, sober lifestyle.

Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment is for anyone who has stopped drinking for 30-days and wants to start loving it.

This 30-day experiment is the next step on your sober journey, it's a game changer.

You will receive weekly inspirational videos delivered to your inbox. In our designated Facebook group, you’ll meet a group of like-minded people, all working towards the same goal.

Together, you'll move from surviving into thriving, you will learn everything you need to love your sober life.

Why should I join the Bee-Yond The Sober Experiment®?

Support and Accountability. With our 30-day programme and the support of your designated Bee Sober Coach, you will develop the tools and techniques for a successful and happy sobriety.  This experiment is your next step in sobriety to help you to become confident in your new life, you will fill your sober tool box, learn how to deal with difficult feelings and emotions, develop proper self-care and discover new and exciting ways to socialise.


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