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Overcoming Overwhelm Workshop



Overwhelmed? I understand...

I used to be the Queen of the to-do list, the go-to friend for help, the supportive colleague and.... burnt-out mess, drinking to help me cope with the demands of my busy life!

For just £25 and 90-minutes of your time, this workshop will show you tools and strategies to start living your life as a human BEING not a human doing.

Join Bee Sober Head Coach, Sarah, for this informative and interactive workshop where we will learn how to start building a life you don't need alcohol to escape or numb from

This workshop takes place via Zoom.

By the end of the workshop you will have actionable tools to use, questions to ask yourself and a clear forward plan of how to make some tweaks and changes to help you eliminate that feeling of overwhelm

Everyone welcome - book your place now for only £25.00 - log in for your member's-only price!

Do you want personalised support? We'll work together on your individualised and specific plan together. Each session can be booked on a 1:1 basis by booking a standard 60-minute coaching session with Sarah here.