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JDFD Limited Edition Slogan Tee



JDFD Slogan Tee

When member Chippy came up with #JDFD the hive went wild. Bee Sober and proud with this limited edition "Just don't F'king Drink" T-Shirt.

£5.00 of this sale goes into the Bee Sober Community Pot.

Why #JDFD? 

Having immersed myself in "Quit Lit", listened to many sober stories, journaled madly when my brain felt like it was going to explode due to everything I'd learnt, one simple message kept coming through loud and clear....  "Just Don't F'king Drink" 

I realised that no matter what happened, no matter what my day brought, even if the sky was falling down on me, even if the wine witch was luring me into hell, no matter what, I just had to remember those four simple words, "Just Don't F'king Drink" and it's worked, because I haven't f'king drank! #JDFD 
- Chippy