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Bee Fit Six Month Pass



Bee Fit Six Month Pass

For six months you will have access to the Bee Fit and Healthy Accountability group, the Bee Fit exercise classes and the Bee Fit and Healthy Facebook group for ongoing support.

Our Bee Fit classes take place at 6:30am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.  Bring yourself, a mat, water, sweat towel (you will need it), dumbbells and a kettle bell (optional).

Each workout is led by a fully qualified Personal Trainer and involves strength building, resistance work and conditioning.  Monday workouts are full body, high impact circuits; Wednesday is a full body conditioning workout; and Friday is paired resistance circuits.  The workouts last around 45 minutes to one hour with a full warm up and cool down all in the comfort of your own home.  This is also an excellent alternative for people wishing to continue exercise whilst on holiday as it is accessed via Zoom and can be done anywhere.

You will also have full access to our Bee Fit and Healthy Accountability Zoom meeting (at 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month) for support in the way you need it to achieve your health goals. 

Whether you are following your own diet plan or one of the big named plans, (and perhaps can’t make the group or don’t want to go out of your own home) our Bee Fit and Healthy Accountability group is the place for you.

We know that the community spirit that has been created in our Bee Sober groups is absolutely magical and we want to bring this same community-feel to your weight loss journey. Having a place where there’s no judgement and no humiliation, where you can really get to the root of any weight loss issues and feel truly uplifted by people who understand, makes such a difference.

And for a little extra ongoing support and accountability, you will be able to join our dedicated Bee Fit and Healthy Facebook group.

Here is what one of our Bee Fitter's has said:

"I joined the Bee Fit classes in September just to test them and see if I might fancy doing them occasionally and they have been totally game changing! I have had 6 whole months of getting fitter and fitter and feeling stronger and stronger! Our Bee Fit PTs are exceptional and I cannot recommend joining highly enough.  The cost is more than worth this benefit alone." 

NB: Bee Fit is included with Bee Sober Membership - Join Now